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Imagination without vision,
is like a brand with no passion.

- Jaco Snoek -

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The Facts

  • manufacturer of hair and beauty products

    Sinelco is international market leader in the manufacture of high-quality professional materials for hairdressers and beauty specialists

  • supplies professional materials to wholesalers

    Sinelco is a worldwide supplier of professional material to hairdressers and beautyspecialists wholesalers.

  • communicates with quality brands

    Sibel, Bob Tuo, Ultron, Hair Sculptor, Ion Color, Wunderbar and Original Best Buy

  • group

    Sinelco is part of the US company Sally Beauty Holdings, with two subsidiaries in France and Italy

  • Belgian

    Sinelco has its international headquarters in Ronse

  • financially sound

    In 2013 Sinelco grew by 3% and realized turnover of 40.3 million euro

  • 3 %
in 2013
  • 60 countries
in which we
are active
  • 71 years
experience in
quality hair & beauty
  • 40.3 million
euro turnover
  • 4800 products
in our range
  • 66 people

We Have Vision

Become the leading producer of hardware, accessories and specialties for the professional haircare and beauty market by developing and strengthening our brands based on reliable, useful and suitable products with an optimal price / quality ratio.

We Are Sinelco

Sinelco is the international market leader market leader in the manufacture of high quality hair and beauty products, active in more than 60 countries with a range of more than 4800 products. Sinelco supplies professional materials for hairdressers and beauty specialists to wholesalers.
Sinelco is part of the US listed group Sally Beauty Holdings Inc. with a consolidated turnover of $3.600.000.000 in 2013.
Sinelco Professionals
Sinelco Hair
Sinelco Beauty
Sinelco International began as a visionary idea from an ambitious man in the East Flemish town of Ronse, Belgium.

  • VISIONARY IDEA in the starting block

    In 1943 family man Albert Denhaerynck founds Denhaerynck bvba to produce hairnets together with his wife and children.

    BVBA Denhaerynck
    BVBA Denhaerynck

    - 0, -

  • EXPANSION from company to manufacturer

    Business is so good that shortly after the end of WWII, in 1952, the family moves its production line to a larger factory space in Oudenaarde.

    BVBA Denhaerynck
    BVBA Denhaerynck

    - 0, -

  • CHANGE Denhaerynck becomes Prosibel

    Production expands to include combs and capes under the new Sibel brand. In 1964 this expansion led to the change of name to Prosibel.

    BVBA Denhaerynck
    BVBA Denhaerynck

    - 0, -

  • GROWTH Prosibel goes international as Sinelco Int.

    Prosibel continues to grow.In 1997 it takes over its biggest French competitor Nelson, and the Bob Tuo brand starts production. Prosibel/Nelson gets a new name: Sinelco International. And starts to enter into partnerships with international manufacturers.

    BVBA Denhaerynck
    BVBA Denhaerynck

    - 0, -

  • PROGRESS from family business to US holding company

    The start of the new millennium has so far been one of the most important periods in the history of Sinelco. The Ultron brand is launched in 2002 and in 2006 Sinelco International returns to its birthplace with a new European distribution center in Ronse.But the most important development comes in 2009 when the America holding company Sally Beauty takes Sinelco into its Group. Sinelco takes a great technological step forward with the launch of its e-shop platform.

    BVBA DenhaerynckBVBA Denhaerynck
    BVBA Denhaerynck

    - 0, -

  • INNOVATION 2 new production lines

    The e-shop is a success and Sinelco International continues to innovate. 2010 sees the launch of two new production lines: beauty and furnishings. Thanks to all the efforts of Sinelco and its staff, in 2013 the company grows by 3% despite the financial crisis, resulting in a turnover of €40.3 million.

    BVBA Denhaerynck

    - 0, -

We should not judge people by their peak of excellence; but by the distance they have traveled from the point where they started.

- Henry Ward Beecher -

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A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.

- Jeff Bezos -


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